Monday, November 12, 2012

Painting on Sugar Cookies

One of the most inspiring presentations for me at Cookie Con was the one by Arty McGoo.  She is adorable and oh so talented.  She's an artist that uses cookies as her canvas.

I'm no artist, but I think that adding painted accents to my cookies is certainly doable and could add a lot of character and detail.

One of the activities at Cookie Con was the "Mystery Shape Challenge".  We were given this cookie . . .

Yikes.  I turned it this way and that.  I stared at it.  I traced it onto paper.  I doodled on it.  At first, all I could see was a boy with spiky hair or a ninja.  Finally, I saw a basket or pot of flowers with a long ribbon . That's definitely more my style . . .

It was the perfect chance to give painting on cookies a shot.  Liz (Arty McGoo) had showed us how to paint what she called "scribble roses".  Mine weren't looking very rosy, so I asked her for a private mini lesson at our table and she so sweetly agreed.

I painted the rose details, a bit on the bow, and shadows on the basket.  Not bad and very fun!

Later that evening, I asked Liz if she would pose for a photo with my cookie in that fabulous 50s cute way of hers . . .

That photo just totally cracks me up!  Isn't it fabulous?

I'll end this post with a video that Liz ended her presentation with.  This will give you an idea of the talent this woman possesses. She calls it her "love note" to the cookie community.  The video ended to a standing ovation and a group of 200 misty-eyed cookiers.  Enjoy!

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