Monday, July 16, 2012

Get Well Soon Sugar Cookies by Bird's Bites

Did you happen to see these Get Well Soon cookies that I made a while back?  (Oh how much I've learned about decorating cookies since that post!  I would do it so much differently and easily now!)

Somehow those cookies have been pinned and re-pinned quite a few times.  Several people have asked me to send them a copy of the prescription label for their use.

One of those cookiers was Bird's Bites.  Look what she made!  Well done!

Aren't they a fun way to cheer up a sick friend?

I wish I knew how to create an editable pdf or something so that I could share the prescription label online.  If anyone knows how to do that, I'd love to hear from you!

Edit:  Mandi from made an editable pdf!  She has graciously shared it here!

Please check out and like Bird's Bites on facebook.  She makes super cute cookies!

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