Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tutorial - How to use Kopykake Projector to Decorate Cookies

I'm often asked about my KK - Kopykake projector.  I love my KK.  Mostly I just use it for message cookies, but it's invaluable to me!  Marian asked if I would show how I use my KK for piping messages. So here you go!

First, type out and print the text.  Print it approximately the size it will be on the cookies.  The KK can enlarge and reduce your image slightly.

I like to print a box around the text.  Those lines help me to make sure the words are straight on the cookie.

Cut them out.

I've seen that people situate their KK in different positions.  I set mine up so that the pole is on my left.  That means that I place the text inside the box, right side-up.

I like to slant it slightly.  Then my cookie is at a slant while I'm piping.  That feels more natural and makes it easier to write.

Turn that baby on.  Focus.  Reduce or enlarge.  Line it up straight.

Time to pipe.  Using the KK takes a little getting used to.  The shadow from your hand can get in the way, blocking the image being projected.  Practice helps!

Add a border and whatever else you'd like, after you're finished with the message.

So there are the basics.  There are many fabulous tutorials out there showing how to use a Kopykake and which one to buy.

Great intro to the KK by Sweetopia here.

Here are two great videos by Sweetopia showing Princess Jasmine and Daisies.

Sugarbelle recently wrote up a post here. She has a great intro to the KK.  Her thoughts on the KK and alternatives here.  How to find great fonts for using the KK.

And because you just can't watch enough videos showing how to use the KK, here's one from Cristin's Cookies.

There you have it!

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