Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kentucky Derby Bridal Shower Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

I had sooooo much fun decorating these! I've never decorated horse cookies or pretty hats. Loved doing them!!

Beautiful ladies' hats.  (They could be Easter bonnets too!)  I made tiny little daisy royal icing transfers a la  Julia Usher.  I really thought these would break when releasing them from the paper or placing them on the cookies.  Not one broke!

Perhaps you can see their 3-D-ness better in this photo.  Each hat is two cookies stacked.

And a few race horses.  Bake at 350 inspired these, though I changed them up a bit.  For some reason, the tails and manes make me happy.

Here they are together, along with a message cookie.  I talked about how I did the message using my Kopykake projector here.

Fun, fun set!

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