Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ladybug and Leaves Sugar Cookies

More springtime edible goodness! Ladybug and Leaf sugar cookies decorated with royal icing.

These were made with a ladybug cutter. I really wish that I had defined the wings - flooded one, let it dry, then flooded the other. I'll try it next time.

These were made with a balloon cutter. Leave it to Sugarbelle of course.

I think that these are my favorites. So cute! But . . .

Keepin' it Real . . .

This is the section in my posts to show you the cookies that I'd really rather not. The cookies that didn't quite live up to the dream.

Little lady bugs marching around, leaving a cute little trail, right? That was the idea. Not as cute as I had hoped . . .

Maybe if the ladybugs had been bigger? The background had been green? The trail was done with a smaller tip? Meh.

Happy Spring!

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