Sunday, March 11, 2012

Saint Patricks Day Sugar Cookies

I had a lot of fun decorating these! Much of that may have had to do with the fact that these cookies didn't spread while baking. Finally! You can read my post on that whole saga here.

I made these for some family friends. Is there a better way to say, "Happy Saint Patrick's Day" than with sugar cookies and royal icing? I don't think so.

The derby hats came out better than my attempt here.

The names of the kids begin with J and B. I think they'll like having their own letter cookies.

Green shamrocks of course and some round cookies that I was playing around with.

Sweet leprechauns and gold coins. If you make cookies, I know that you recognize these leprechauns. Sugarbelle's upside down cupcake fellas. They were so fun to decorate and I love how they came out. I gave ears to one little guy (which you can only see in the photo at the bottom of this post because somebody ate him before the final photo shoot and sending them off to our friends!).

Keepin' it Real . . .

This is the section in my posts to show you the cookies that I'd really rather not. The cookies that didn't quite live up to the dream.

These stripey ones remind me of citrus fruit and summer. I should have left out the yellow. The stripes are kind of wonky too. Oh well.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

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